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Brought up Feb 6, 2015 by style Sierra

The health & nutrition resources on your page were so wonderful, so thank you!!

Good Afternoon Dr.Nellie

I just wanted to send you a quick message about your web page -

As part of the work that I do with our after school program, I look for information our kids, and even parents can use to better their health and educate themselves. I just wanted to say I think you have a great list of resources for kids and young adults to look through.

Sarah, another volunteer in our group found a great resource that we've found useful, so we wanted to pass it along! "Health and nutrition awareness for Kids" -

Talking about healthy eating habits, and activities that are fun but still healthy for kids is so important. There are some interactive sites on here, along with a ton of great resources from printouts to interactive webquests and games!

If there's any way you could include her suggestion, I think it would mean a lot to her. Any little bit we can do to spread some awareness is a great first step to ending obesity & living healthier lifestyles! Have a wonderful day happy




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