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Brought up Jun 29, 2015
by style Victoria J. Dungfelder

Special Education Teacher Resume, Cover Letter and Introduction & Interviewing for Sped. Teacher Job

Is there a website(s) you can direct me to for Special Education Teacher Resume's, Cover Letters and Introduction Letters? I need to also practice with interviewing questions. I pray you can help direct me so I can work on this as soon as possible.

I taught Special Education for 28 years. I went on Medical Leave and then on Disability Leave due to the harassment. I was told I could return back to work after Disability Leave with a letter from my doctor. I submitted the letter they requested and then was told I couldn't return back because I no longer worked there and I was retired. One lie after another for 2 years now. I finally got an attorney. She told me to reapply for my job. Thank you for your help. With Sincere Appreciation, Victoria


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